What's included?

An overhead line design goes through several stages from planning to execution. This document
will focus on explaining the stages that are in between.

Following are the topics that will be
covered in this document to explain the design of the overhead line:

  • The line’s blocks definition
  • Selection of the line’s phase conductor
  • Insulation coordination and clearances
  • Selection of the line’s insulator
  • Towers spotting
  • Catenary and sags calculation
  • Spans calculation
  • Towers top-geometry calculation and selection of standard towers
  • Earth wire calculation
  • Electrical parameters calculation
  • Tower forces calculation

Learn more about methodology's authors: Soukayna Jermouni, Álvaro Benito, Ignacio Álvarez, Meyer MontagnerFélix Pérez and Álvaro Pajares.